Updates from the Studio

The Suboken Project has been producing in full force over the past couple months. An eagerness to get things back on track after the loss of the Drobo hard drives has fueled my efforts in finishing up current projects as well as creating new work. So, shall we visit with an update on what Suboken has been doing?

The November gallery show at the Palm Desert City Hall is right around the corner. There’s a healthy amount of work left to get ready for the show, but I’m on schedule, and that’s a huge comfort for Calista and me. The show will feature pieces from The Cartographer’s Dilemma sculpture series, as well as the entire collection from In A Place: Series Two.
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The Ghibli Factor

Last night I stopped by our new local Japanese Pop Culture store to see what specialty items they have. On their movie shelf were some popular anime titles in DVD packaging I hadn’t seen before. And one title in particular grabbed my attention. But let me rewind the clock for a minute…

When I was in film school, a close friend introduced me to a movie she thought I would really enjoy. She knew what type of stories and film styles I gravitated toward and picked out an anime title that she felt was extraordinary. The movie was Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. She had the English pre-2004 Fox Family Home Video version which is currently out of print. The movie was an absolute joy to watch, and it instantly became one of my top ten favorite movies.

A couple years later another close friend suggested I watch a newer anime film entitled Porco Rosso. The VHS she lent me was a fan-subbed version of the movie because there wasn’t a distribution company offering the video in the U.S. (DVD’s weren’t invented yet and high speed internet was too expensive for private use). Like Totoro before, I immediately loved the movie. Together, both films surpassed my expectations on how great stories could be told. Then I found out that both movies were created by the same film maker, Hayao Miyazaki!

Within a short time span, I had a copy of every Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli film available. Every single movie is a masterpiece of entertainment and Miyazaki’s work remains a primary influence in my creativity.

So, last night the DVD that caught my eye was My Neightbor Totoro. It wasn’t the 2004 Disney release and it specified including an English dubbed version of the film. There’s a charm to that pre-Disney version that I’ve missed ever since I lost my old VHS copy of the film. I asked the clerk if he knew what English version was featured on the DVD and he opened up the case to play the movie and find out. He skipped to the second chapter and after hearing the audio of the first syllable from one of the main characters, I knew instantly it was the old version of the film. SOLD!

If you’re craving a great, sincere and imaginative story, I highly recommend picking up a copy of My Neighbor Totoro.

Mic check…

Testing mic check. Testing. One? Two?

Let’s add some music to blog to:

Hello outer-webs. I am Suboken, and this social outlet is part of my focus to step out into the world.

For some extra info on what I am about, please check out my website, www.suboken.com. In a nutshell, I am a conceptual artist and music composer. I plan to use this blog to jot down updates on what I’m currently focusing on creatively. To bring us up to speed, here’s where my energies have been focused on over the past year.

At the end on 2011, I wrapped up my fifth studio album, Three Sides of the Same Coin.  It’s a three disc set full of new music that was written during the past two years. Side one is a mellow mix of downtempo tracks, perfect for listening to while taking a break from life. Side two is more guitar centric and calls on the listener to share in the individual moments of each song. Side three is an experimental breakbeat style faux soundtrack to a story created by my close friend and collaborator, Atomo. Each side consist of nine tracks so there is plenty of music to treat your ears to.

My other big project is a photo series entitled In A Place. It’s a project that I have been steadily working on over the past six years. And, I am excited to announce that I’ve created an art book to feature some of the best of the series. Even more exciting is that last week, I posted In A Place as a Kickstarter.com project. I’m looking forward to getting copies of my book out into the world.

So, that’s what I have to write about for the moment. I have a video to record in the next day or two to post as an update on the Kickstarter page. Stay tuned…