Letting Go.

For the past month, I’ve been hoping I wouldn’t find myself writing this post. However, after four weeks of technical consultation, today I received a text message that made my heart sink.

All of my digital media has been lost.

A major component to my digital studio is my external storage device. I use a product called Drobo.

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Mic check…

Testing mic check. Testing. One? Two?

Let’s add some music to blog to:

Hello outer-webs. I am Suboken, and this social outlet is part of my focus to step out into the world.

For some extra info on what I am about, please check out my website, www.suboken.com. In a nutshell, I am a conceptual artist and music composer. I plan to use this blog to jot down updates on what I’m currently focusing on creatively. To bring us up to speed, here’s where my energies have been focused on over the past year.

At the end on 2011, I wrapped up my fifth studio album, Three Sides of the Same Coin.  It’s a three disc set full of new music that was written during the past two years. Side one is a mellow mix of downtempo tracks, perfect for listening to while taking a break from life. Side two is more guitar centric and calls on the listener to share in the individual moments of each song. Side three is an experimental breakbeat style faux soundtrack to a story created by my close friend and collaborator, Atomo. Each side consist of nine tracks so there is plenty of music to treat your ears to.

My other big project is a photo series entitled In A Place. It’s a project that I have been steadily working on over the past six years. And, I am excited to announce that I’ve created an art book to feature some of the best of the series. Even more exciting is that last week, I posted In A Place as a Kickstarter.com project. I’m looking forward to getting copies of my book out into the world.

So, that’s what I have to write about for the moment. I have a video to record in the next day or two to post as an update on the Kickstarter page. Stay tuned…