Working with LEGO and SMaRT Education

Two big hobbies of mine are creating music and building with LEGO.

The music aspect I suspect will be covered in later posts. For now, everything music related to The Suboken Project can be explored here:

LEGO on the other hand isn’t something that has worked its way into an official Suboken art project (yet). However, building with LEGO has become a major part of maintaining my creativity. The bricks are the perfect mix of fun and flexibility matched with the challenges of shape limitation. They have taught me how to problem solve and except a certain level of compromise that keeps me focused in all my other creative projects. And, by far the most important thing about LEGO, they’re FUN!

Whenever I hit a creative block, (pun intended) out come the LEGO bricks. Sometimes I build from official instructions, but more often I create my own designs. I only wish I had started building with LEGO when I was younger.

LEGO has also lead me to share my experiences with others. There’s a great nonprofit organization where I live, SMaRT Education, whom I volunteer for on a regular basis. Their focus is on teaching math and science to children, and a major component of their curriculum is the use of LEGO Mindstorms Robot kits. Over the past three years I’ve volunteered as a judge at several robot tournaments, and in the past year I have become one of SMaRT’s teachers for their Mobile Robotics Lab program. Looking for a source of inspiration? Just sit down with some talented kids and watch their unbridled minds build robots. The very definition of Awesome.