Letting Go.

For the past month, I’ve been hoping I wouldn’t find myself writing this post. However, after four weeks of technical consultation, today I received a text message that made my heart sink.

All of my digital media has been lost.

A major component to my digital studio is my external storage device. I use a product called Drobo.

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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. January 1st is set on the clock.

Serving both as a rhythm and an announcement, tick-tock sets the beat and begins the countdown to the start date of my next music project.

It’s been almost a full year with the lights and sound off in the music studio. But, a year’s worth of focusing on other art projects has given me plenty of time to recharge and channel new sources of music inspiration. I’m excited to get back into composing again, but even more excited to discover what my recent interests push me into creating musically.

I won’t spoil too much right now. But I will say that my sketches and notes suggest two separate albums. The first one will be comprised of the orchestral material that was originally intended to be released on 2011’s Three Sides of the Same Coin (TSOTSC). However, I have big ideas aimed at deconstructing that material and developing it into something far more unique than any previous music I’ve composed. Lot’s of “soundscaping” to steal many nights of sleep during the next year. The second album, working title Suboken 6, will be all new material and I suspect will be a blending and evolution of the three styles of music present in my previous two releases, Turn and TSOTSC. I have a bunch of new music tools in the toy box, and I can’t wait to hear what they lead to.

I haven’t set a budget for when these two projects will be finished. But I look forward to tapping into the same motivation and energy that guided me through the timely production of TSOTSC. You can look forward to hearing samples of the new music here on my blog.